Kitty Cat ZR120 Project Sled with Nitrous

This is a Kitty Cat ZR120 project sled equipped with nitrous and piloted by Taylor Fitzgerald age eight. He has been racing since age three. Taylor is a five year veteren 120 class grass drag racer from Rochester Minnesota.

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Massive amounts of time and efforts have gone into the chassis & suspension, 200cc full mod racing motor, (w/electric start), JR Racing belt drive clutch, hydraulic disc brake, and the electronic controlled fuel injection and nitrous system.

Nothing on the outside of this sled would tip you off that it wasn't stock. It trails very well with 110 octane racing fuel. You better have your 440 well tuned if you meet up with Taylor on the track or trail!

  • zr120 left side
    Left Side
  • zr120 right side
    Right Side
  • kitty cat zr120
    The ZR120 Kitty
  • zr120 nitrous
    This Sled's Nitrous

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