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Time for a mechanic?

Carburetors - adjust, rebuild, repair, etc.

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Time for a mechanic?

Post by Madness » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:08 pm

Well I read up alot on leaky carbs on this site and figured I had my problem licked. Took the carb apart and had a look at everything to make sure there were no holes in the float, measured it with my calipers and even bent the little tab that hits the needle a hair in case it was bent down. Put it all back together and turned the valve back on and in less than a minute I had gas running out the bottom of the air intake again.

I did notice that the needle fell right out when I set the carb down on the towel on the workbench, am I missing a piece that holds it in or does it just sit there with the float holding it in place?

Either way is it time I gave up and took it to a small engine shop?

It's a cherry 1995 Kitty Cat and I'm thinking I'd better before I end up chucking the whole bloody thing through the back window of the garage.

Gonna sell it after I can keep the fuel turned on. Even after I saw the gas coming back out the airintake I started it up anyways. One pull and it fired right up after sitting in the garage for two years.

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Post by fiero377ci » Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:29 pm

theres no such thing as taking it to a shop, figure it out. is the needle damage did you even see where the float height was before adjusting it?

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Leaking Needle and Seat

Post by JonnO » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:40 am

You did most of what needed to be done. If you have a caliper you can set the float at .068" from the carb mount surface.

I have the fuel section posted on my website that will explain how to repair the carb. Check it out first and you might stumble across something that fixes your carb.

If you think you will need a needle and seat at some point, I sell the upgraded 2.0 needle and seat for $24.95.

Good luck!

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