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Canadian Championship race 2005

Races where and when, also fine tune your Kitty Cat for the local track or back yard.

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Floot-It Racing

Canadian Championship race 2005

Post by Floot-It Racing » Tue Mar 15, 2005 7:55 pm

I'm writing this to express my heartfelt thanks to the Sterne race team.
On Saturday my sons F1 broke a crank. Not having the parts, time or ability to fix it, Tim stepped in and rebuilt the whole motor after the race on Saturday. I got the motor back in the sled at 11:00 Sat. night. Sunday came early, but we still had last chance qualifying to hope for. My son did some hot laps too make sure it ran ok. When the flag flew, the sled didn't, the crank broke again. We looked at each other, and my son almost cryed. The Sterne team look as bummed as we did. Tim said take the motor out again. He took the motor apart (again) too find it was a bad crank he put in the night before. So then Tim took the time to put another crank in it (again). We still had the consi. too try for. With no time too test it, my son staged at the line, the flag flew, he floored it, and won the race. That race ment more to me than any other that weekend.
It's people like Shawn, Tim, and Jonny that make the Kitty cat racing groups such a special group of friends. Anyone who know's these people should consider your self blessed. My family can't thank the Sterne race team enough for all the work you went through. I can't say Thank you enough.
Doug Carlson
Floor-It Racing

past kc racer

not as true as it looks

Post by past kc racer » Thu Dec 01, 2005 4:14 pm

Where I would agree that they do help fellow racers - as raced with them for years - they also have driven up the entry price for any small race team to compete with. I know I will hear that same old thing "Racing ain't cheap", but when racing at WKSRA, WKCR and KC pro-east and you and have to have the money that this team puts up just to make the finals - SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHT. Don't get me wrong, they are very nice people, but God forbid you beat them in a race or two. They will spend whatever it takes to get Gunnar in the winning circle(even if he is not the best racer, his equipment is the best money can buy). Ever ask what the "c" stands for in 22c, it's CASH!!! I have seen first hand the number of small Dad & Son teams which have dropped out of racing or switched to other venues. Did you ever wonder why WKSRA is so small??????? My fix to the problem is limit the amount of money which teams are able to spend on some of the classes. Then maybe leave a "rich mans class" for all those blessed with limitless income to show off excatly who can spend more money on a kitty-cat or 120 with an average racer on board!!!!!!

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Post by dantheman » Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:46 pm

i sence a bit a frustration in that last post!!!! beeing in racing someone should know that intimidation is a real good tool to use, and obviously that tool worked on you, ive looked over the rules for all of these classes and see some major loop holes which im sure they are CASHING in on, just from your post i can see that you honestly believe the $$$ are winning, with the set of rules for the racing you are talking about i dont see $$$ making the checkered flag, as the case with most racing its all about rules interpretation, lack of certain rules, and just plain cleverness on how to get more hp out of a given engine and still be legal, ive built racing engines for years and believe me, if you know exactly what you are doing $$$ dont make the biggest difference, having the $ for a crap load of spares definately helps but i would look at the big picture here as to what exactly is winning the races, I would assume the driver is really good for one and has complete control over the hp he is supplied or the hp he is supplied with far exceeds what everyone else has, there are only a few ways that is going to be achieved, drive efficiency is a big part(sometimes more important) than the hp from the engine, the fact that the original post leads me to believe that this racing team has a whole box of spare cranks handy tells me something that i am not going to disclose here either, you figure it out, i am good at keeping my secrets as i am sure they arent going to tell you what wins, but it doesnt take simply huge amounts of cash to win, it takes ingenuity, i spent thousands and thousands racing and i can say as much in the case you described, i spent more of the dollars on the show that intimated others than i ever did on my engines or drives. The car was always shiny , all the aluminum was anodized everthing always clean and perfect. with the right tools and complete understanding of drive efficiency (especially if your class allows cvt's) you can win without excessive $$ and ill give you a real explanation and try to keep it simple

joe spends 400 dollars on engine parts and improves his hp by 20%
jack spends 50 dollars on engine parts and improves his hp by 8 %jack also spends 25 dollars on some shims and a spring and since jack knows exactly what to do with them he improves drive efficiency by 17%
and allthough jack spent a lot less he has the checkered flag at the end of the day, assuming both racers are of the same experience
your right "racing aint cheap" but with some homework and thinking it doesn't require a second * either.

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Post by 1121racinkitty » Fri Dec 02, 2005 1:15 am


past kc racer

Not too intellegent

Post by past kc racer » Fri Dec 16, 2005 4:37 pm

Obviously you have never raced with this race team or you would have piped in on my side and at least 20 other race teams which have quit due to the excessive amount of money spent on blue-printing an engine(which is illegal) according to ISR or buying titanium parts for F1 ( did you ever price that stuff out???) or many other things that were done. My response was simply to explain that when $$$ get involved with kitty cat racing to the extent that you have to spend massive amounts to just stay competitive - WE ARE ALL DOING THIS FOR THE WRONG REASON!!!!
I understand that building a very competetive racing sled takes more know-how than $$$$$$ - but if you think that $$$$$ don't come into play you seriously need a "reality check" . I have seen boxes of perfectly balanced cranks in their race trailer. Do your math, what is the cost of rebuiling a crank at every race for a F1 or FIII when one breaks ???? I do know - IT AINT CHEAP. Too end this blog, kitty cat racing is an awesome thing you can do with your son or daughter. I have not raced for the last 7 years with mine if it wasn't. There just needs to be a way to keep the "massive dollars" out of it. Ahmen to that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Floor-It Racing

Post by Floor-It Racing » Wed Dec 21, 2005 11:11 pm

Our family has raced with Kids Pro ice for 3 years. In the 3 years we've been racing, we raced with Kc Pro East, WKSRA, and WKCR.
If the former Kc racer thinks that the Sterns race team spends too much money he or she should look around.
Every group has a few family's that spend more and some that spend less. That does'nt mean that the ones who spend less, are not still having fun.
I think there is alot more money spent at WKCR, didn't you notice the semi-truck? But thats just my opinon. There still nice people.
Having Thousands of dollars in parts does'nt mean your sled is fast, it just means you can fix it when it breaks, or as in my first post, someone elses.
There are classes you don't have to spend alot of money on, like stock and imp. stock. All those classes take are time to get the sled set up right. The mod. classes you write about (F1 & champ) are expensive.

For you to take shots at an 12 year old, and not sign your post says it all.

Sterns and crew did not have to help my son, but they did, and by doing so they took the risk that he could finish in front of Gunner. Yet they STILL did it, that says what they are really about.

Doug Carlson
Floor-It Racing
I'm not ashamed to sign my post

Bill Tripp

Canadian Championship race 2005

Post by Bill Tripp » Thu Dec 22, 2005 1:40 am

What gives you the right to bash the Stearne racing team. They are the nicest people in the world and would help anyone at anytime. They are no way responsible for driving up the cost of racing. WKCR is big because of it's marketing area...They race mostly in central Wis. and that is where most of the people are...WSKRA is small because it's always mostly been small since there beginning and they are a great bunch of people...There's is not alot of people up in Northen Wis. That area up there is mainly for vacationners....Then you will have your die-hards who will go anywhere....I did for over 13yrs...I love the sport,I'm one of the grandfathers of WKCR and I'm from Ill.(flatlander)..As all the groups grew they all had there growing pains.....I even heard about Minn. problems too...But it takes great people to make it fun again. Everyone works hard to make rules to have a level playing field. But you will always have someone pushing the rules or it wouldn't be called racing. Everyone wants a edgeto, that's is what is fun for a dad. Then we sit down with * Gokey during the derby weekend to set the rules for the following year.....Were you ever at one of those meeting??? Ask your officers they know when it is..Ask questions,,get involved...if not "Zip it". I have video tape of F-I sleds back in 1986. Alan V., Jim Laager , Olsen bros. and myself love helping people in the sport.. Alan has done alot for the sport and has put some of it back into the sport as well as myself and Jim also. The F-Is have come a long way.. I tried to get a gearing change in F-III about 6 years ago because I seen these engines were going to become hand genades...but I was shot down at a meeting and that class is doomed...and I invented this class in 1992. Evloution has taken over. I don't think I seen you come to the races in a Model A. We all started out years ago going to the races with our kitty cats in the pick-up trucks, station wagons and in vans and we stood outside and were lucky to have a warming tent. Now we have 12' to 30' trailers with heat. If the wife, mother, and grandparents are comfortable,there will be more family involvement....that's is what is important....I see to many parent's sitting in a pub drinking only to go to the bathroom and put it in the septic....With racing you have something to show for your money and have a little resale value after you are done....The liquid in the septic has no resale value..Any venue of racing has no budget.It's all $$$ My boys remember all the good times and they haven't raced in 4+ years. I've seen kittycat racing and 120 racing fall off a little bit the past couple of years and it's not because of the Stearns...It's family involvement....I see at the races it's hard to get volunteers to work the corners because if something happens, some yelling parent gets in there face or starts pointing a finger. To me kitty cats are still cheaper to race than the 120s. The things people tell what they have to do to keep there 120 competive every week is unreal. To run more than one class takes a team of people...there is alot to do. Stearne racing has it down to a drill and can still help other people....you are a ???????? One thing about all these people having these heated trailers is now they work on the sled at night instead of bringing them into the motel room and working on them and filling up the motel up with gas fumes....If you can't afford racing ...get out.....hey take your family to Disney for a week....see what that costs!!! I always told someone "you can't put a price on fun" Hey try a kid who plays 3 sports in high school, goes to 6 camps during the summer...new shoes because he grows for each sport....he broke 6 wooden bats this year and distorted 2 Alum. bat X 4 years. There is also one problem me and someone else see every year....a dad will spend money on racing and thinks he owned a championship........problem is there is 11 other dad's who spent the same money and they have it coming too....so quit your whining sell everything and sit in your easy chain and figure out what you can do for the Packers for them to have a better season...............


Be ashamed of yourself

Post by jootzsmootz » Thu Dec 22, 2005 6:55 am

It seems like the person who doesn’t have the courage to sign their name to the slanderous e-mails has an ulterior motive for their comments and chooses to use the internet for their weapon of choice.
If you really were a member of these racing groups (WKSRA, WKCR & KC Pro East) you would know that there are numerous past champions. Some have chosen to take their racing experience to SNOCROSS, some to WSA, and some to USSA.
A true member of these groups knows the time, dedication, intelligence, and discipline it takes just to make it to every event. Having money helps, but its true teamwork that prevails. That’s what the Sterne Racing Team has. They always have a positive attitude and are always there to help any race team, regardless of time or cost.
A true member of these groups would also know that Sterne Racing held the WKSRA group together when past champions and officers moved on to the next level of racing. There was a year of restructuring and the Sterne Racing Team took on the leadership role and pulled WKSRA thru this time. They promoted, sold sponsorships, and worked very long hours just to keep the club alive. WKSRA is alive, well, and looks forward to another fun season with the kids.
Now the future champions will have a chance to come out and make new friends and have fond memories to share for a lifetime.
If you or anyone wants to come out and join the fun with (WKCR, WKSRA, or any of the other children’s race groups….Remember that there are 14 divisions so that every child and Race team has a chance to excel.
As an adult you should be able to talk to your child and explain to them that racing is FUN, but it also teaches them sportsmanship, camaraderie, teamwork, pride, sorrow, dignity, and a bit of economics. If you can’t teach your child these things….[b]Just let the kid have fun[/b].
You are evil, mean, and should be ashamed of yourself for bad mouthing any of the children or teams who have exceeded beyond [u]your [/u]level.
Gunnar has graduated out of the Kitty Cat class. Whose child will you focus on next when voicing your Jealousy?
The Sterne’s are a great race team with excellent equipment and an excellent driver that is… “Born to ride”. Good luck in the future 22C!!!

another past kc racer

Too much money

Post by another past kc racer » Mon Jan 09, 2006 7:17 pm

This is crap!!!!!!! - Bill Tripp, it is amazing that you of all people should pipe in. It is people like you and others located in Tomahawk WI(name not needed) that have driven up the cost of the mod sleds that "normal race teams" (not whoever has the most money) cannot afford it. I had a chance to speak with someone from WKSRA this week and they told me that they only have 2-3 FIII's and 6 F1's each weekend. If you had left this sport to evolve from dad's/mom's creating the best performing F1's for their child instead of $10,000 price tags there would be more small teams racing!!!! - YOU PERSONALLY RUINED THIS SPORT FOR MANY CHILDREN AND PARENTS WITH THIS TYPE OF THINKING.
Do In need to name all the families that quit due to this high $$$$ cost of competing in the mod classes???????? (I can think of at least 20 plus families off the top of my head) And yes Bill, I was there at several meetings for ISR in Eagle River. Whenever we brought up issues of curbing spending, those people who were making big bucks off of the rich parents(SUCH AS YOURSELF) piped in to defend their position and protect their pocket-books. You sir, should be the one ashamed of yourself. As for Floor-it-racing, you seriously don't have a clue!!!!!!!! If you took the time to pull your head out of Stern's * you might have seen the numbers dwindle down from strong race groups like KC pro-east to only a few clubs with not many members. You never where there when we had the likes of Brett Chown racing (Semi-truck kitty cat racing?????). The ultimate in "whoever has the most money wins racing team" I do not agree with the original "past kc racer" comments about Gunnar - he indeed is good racer and should be kept out of this conversation. But let me tell all of you that think that money has not ruined WKCR, WKSRA, KC Pro-East and West. YOU NEED A REALITY CHECK! - Can anyone compete and win at the stock, impstock kc, 120 stock levels...... yes. Can anyone compete at the mod levels -Hell No. Money is everything in those classes. Do you have the money to send your motor in every race weekend to rec motors???(Brett Chown racing did) I agree with past kc racer, let those with the deep pocket books have an "ego" class to see who can spend the most money on kitty cat and let all the other racing go to those that are in it for the right reason and that is to have fun with your child, teaching him/her how to win and loose gracefully.

Bill Tripp

Too much money

Post by Bill Tripp » Tue Jan 10, 2006 3:25 am

WOW!!!! This is cool....Yep I made alot of money doing kitty cat motors and sleds....Have you seen my house???? The one next to Bill Gates.....The work I have done either covers expenses or I give a little bit back to the club(WKCR). Last 2 F-Is I built I didn't even charge labor because I like building them and other chassis work I worked at very cheap...I showed every recipt to the people and they are amazed the parts that go into one of these sleds. The guy in Tomahawk don't make money at it either because he has alot more investmented in it than I have.....way more...Please don't forget the Olsen Bros. and Laager...F-3....yep that's a problem....I tried 6 yrs ago to get a gearing change because I felt the rpm's were getting to high...but I was shot down....I felt then the class was doomed...and it is..that class helps build good drivers...To really put it into REALITY....To race a F-I or a F-III 1. know how to build a motor 2. tune the motor (adjust carb) 3. adjust or tune the chassis 4. work with your child on driving(dad needs to know what the heck he is looking at too) To many people did jump into those classes and realized that they bit off more than they could chew....and you were one of them....Stock related classes are etched in stone on rules and have made for some good racing...you should have stayed there..Some of us tried to do things to improve life on F-Is and F-IIIs but some of the designs failed,,some were allowed and some were shot down because other people didn't like them. "another past KC racer"didn't you try go-karting????how was that....Kitty cat racing is a 2nd job...a 8 hr job...After the race on Sun. you need to spend the next 5 days preparing for the next weekend...But the main ingedient to kitty cat racing is your better half(wife). They don't get enough credit...they put up with alot...My better half is a great person...she let me race with my boys for 13yrs....4 of them around the calender....What is so funny is that you put your son on a F-I...and then you had a vision.... So many other dad's did the same thing....and they all soon realize it was alot of work and a little money...It's amazing you do something for fun and you get bashed for it....if you can't afford it.....then don't do it....It boils down to one thing....if you can't do the work or maintain it...then don't do it......don't blame other people because you lack certain skills.......Hey Check out my web site www.kidsperformance.net

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