Miscellaneous Mini Snowmobile Pictures

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Check out the custom Kitty Cats, oddball sleds, and other kids snowmobiles...

Here are some other kid's sleds, mid-sized snowmobiles, custom Kitty Cats, as well as a few oddball snowmobiles. There's a few Kitty Cats with a Skidoo and Polaris theme as well as a nice Barbie version. Have an unusual snowmobile picture that you think might be appropriate? Send it in here.

  • kitty cat before
    Kitty Cat Before
  • kitty cat after
    Kitty Cat After
  • sweden kitty cat
    Kitty Cat from Sweden
  • 2007 Jack ShaftleSS Formula-1
    2007 Jack ShaftleSS Formula-1
  • 2007 Action Shot
    2007 Action Shot
  • MXZ Kitty Cat
    MXZ Kitty Cat
  • Father and Son Sleds
    Father and Son Sleds
  • Skidoo Custom Kitty
    Skidoo Custom Kitty
  • Skidoo Custom Kitty
    Skidoo Custom Kitty
  • Yami-Kitty Custom
    Yami-Kitty Custom

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