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Arctic Cat makes fun for the whole family, including the youngest of snowmobile riders, and the Kitty Cat is made especially for the young snowmobile enthusiast. Watch a child's face light up as they take the seat and grab the handlebars of their very own snowmobile. It gives your kids the chance to be a part of the snowmobiling excitement they see every winter, but it also gives you peace-of-mind.

original kitty cat snowmobile The Kitty Cat is powered by a reliable 60cc, single-cylinder, fan-cooled engine. It is governor-controlled, limiting the Kitty Cat's top speed to 8 mph or less for safe operation and features an adult-controlled keyed ignition. For a small snowmobile, the Kitty Cat looks just like the big Cats, and is bound to make the youngest snowmobile enthusiasts feel like part of the family. The purple, salmon and black make it look just like "mom's" or "dad's" snowmobile. Safety features were Arctic Cat's main concern for the smallest member of the Cat clan. The Kitty Cat has a constant-on headlight and taillight, all-around reflective tape, an adjustable engine governor, rubber-tipped skis, padded handlebars, a manual stop switch and a removable ignition key so you can decide when it's time to ride. And it has full front and rear bumpers that look just like the big Cats.

The Kitty Cat will provide your children with endless hours of safe outdoor fun, and all the while teaching them the valuable lessons in snowmobile safety, maneuverability and control. The Kitty Cat also has a resale value that's unmatched in all of snowmobiling, so if you don't pass it down, you can easily pass it around.

kids snowmobileThe Kitty Cat had a production run from 1972 until 2000 but has now made way for a mid-sized sled, the Z120. Changes throughout its history were minor in cosmetic nature, nothing more than decals, seat covers, and the addition of a stock windshield in 1980. The change of its engine in the mid 70's from a Kawasaki to a Suzuki proves to be the single biggest change that the sled endured. Fortunately, there are many parts that can be interchanged between model years. Chances are your local Arctic Cat dealer can help you with your parts needs. The only exception being the early Kawasaki motors whose parts have become quite rare.

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