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The Kitty Cat snowmobile is a wonderful thing. This child-sized sled graced the floors of Arctic Cat dealerships for nearly thirty years. Although this popular little sled is no longer in production, it lives on thanks to dedicated parents who wish to share the snowmobiling tradition with their children.

random Kitty Cat snowmobile
This website,, is a tribute to this legendary snowmobile and those who rebuild, restore, and ride the Arctic Kitty. Thanks to dedicated users, It is a wealth of information and photos of original and modified sleds.

Please make use of our snowmobile Q&A boards. The boards are especially useful in finding parts and technical help from fellow snowmobile owners. Personally, I'm not much help with technical questions which is why these boards work so well.

You'll find plenty of helpful sled owners who don't mind offering advice or answering questions. Good luck finding the help or the info you need as the search tool seems to work very well.

There's no time like the present to track down parts, get some work done, or find a great deal on a used Kitty Cat. We also offer some easy access to sled parts for all brands including Polaris and Skidoo snowmobiles. There's also some brand name boots, gloves, jackets, goggles, and other apparel available to make your ride more enjoyable.

Kitty Cat Snowmobiles are a great excuse to spend quality time with your children in the winter months. The repairs are educational, the restorations are rewarding, and the riding is just plain fun. Before you continue, take a moment and share this phenomenon on your favorite network...

Snow on the way... Enjoy the riding season...

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